Here we highlight structured socials, which are a new initiative started by the NAACL D&I committee. These discussions are focused on non-research oriented topics such as work-life balance and diversity/inclusion issues.

All structured socials will be virtual-only. You may register for any structured social using this form.

How to make your first conference experience nice

Organizer(s): Zhijing Jin, Ashkan Kazemi, Rada Mihalcea

July 12 (10:15–10:45 PT)

In-person location: 507 Sauk

The first structured social will be led by co-organizers of the ACL Year-Round Mentorship program. The social will be a chance to meet other first-time conference attendees and provide a warm welcome to first-time attendees. The organizers will provide advice on how first-time conference attendees can navigate the conference, in order to nurture newcomers to the community.

Balancing professional and family commitments

Organizer(s): Yuntian Deng, Shirley A. Hayati

July 13 (10:15–10:45 PT)

The second structured social will be a discussion on how to balance professional and family commitments. The D&I childcare chairs will delve into topics like the biggest challenges facing caregivers, encourage attendees to share their personal narratives on caregiving and collect suggestions from caregivers attending the conference.

Organizer(s): Luke Zettlemoyer

July 14 (9:00–10:00 PT)

The final structured social will be a session on navigating grad school led by Prof. Luke Zettlemoyer. This will be an opportunity for any PhD students or aspiring PhD students attending the conference to get advice on thriving in grad school and contribute to an inclusive discussion.