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Call for Structured Socials

We are calling for proposals to host structured socials as part of the NAACL 2022 conference (July 10–15, 2022). A structured social is a 1-hour free-form di...

FAQ for NAACL authors

Update, Apr 22: Detailed instructions for the camera-ready version are available here.

NAACL 2022 Reproducibility Track

This track introduces a badge system to formalize expectations around reproducibility of our commmunity’s research findings. The main idea is to incentivize ...

Submissions to ARR

It’s this time of the year! Ready to submit papers you hope to present at NAACL 2022? Go to ACL Rolling Review to do so. The Dec 15 deadline is open.

NAACL 2022 Blog

Following previous conferences, the NAACL 2022 website will include a blog with posts from various conference chairs. New blog posts will be announced on the...