The Student Research Workshop (SRW) provides a venue for student researchers to present their work in computational linguistics and natural language processing. Students receive feedback from the general conference audience as well as from mentors specifically assigned according to the topic of their work.

The workshop’s goal is to aid students at multiple stages of their education, including undergraduate, MSc/MA, junior and senior PhD students, in getting familiar with conducting and presenting their research.

General Invitation for Submission

We invite papers in two different categories:

  • Thesis Proposals: This category is appropriate for advanced students who have decided on a thesis topic and wish to get feedback on their proposal and broader ideas for their continuing work.

  • Research Papers: Papers in this category can describe completed work, or work in progress with preliminary results. For these papers, the first author must be a current student. Topics of interest for the SRW are the same as the NAACL 2022 main conference.

Benefits of Participating

  • All accepted papers will be presented in the main conference poster session, giving students an opportunity to interact with and present their work to a large and diverse audience, including top researchers in the field.

  • All accepted thesis proposals will be presented during a session at the main conference, giving students an opportunity to receive feedback from assigned mentors and other researchers.

  • Submissions (in both categories) may either be archival or non-archival, based on the wishes of the authors. All archival papers will be published in the NAACL 2022 SRW Proceedings. All non-archival papers may be submitted to any venue in the future except another SRW.

  • Each participant is also assigned a mentor - an experienced researcher - who can provide valuable advice on the submission during the pre-submission period and mentoring during the conference.

Pre-Submission Mentorship Program

The SRW offers students the opportunity to get advance feedback before submitting their work for review. The goal of the pre-submission mentorship program is to improve the quality of writing and presentation of the student’s work, not to critique it. Participation is optional but encouraged. We especially encourage participation from undergraduates, Masters students, and others who are new to research. The pre-submission mentorship is not anonymous.

Students wishing to participate must submit their paper by Feb 1 2022 by filling out the following form. Note that even though the mentoring is not done anonymously, the paper needs to be anonymized and follow the formatting requirements.

Participants will receive a mentor who will review and provide feedback to the student within five weeks. This mentor will not be the same person who will review the final submission. The feedback will be in the format of guidance and suggestions to improve the overall writing and communication of the paper; students are not required to make the changes suggested by the pre-submission mentor.

Important Dates

Pre-submission mentoring deadline: February 1, 2022

Paper submission deadline: Mar 25, 2022

Reviews due: April 29, 2022

Notification of acceptance: May 8, 2022

Camera-ready version of papers due: May 20, 2022

NAACL 2022 conference dates: July 10–15, 2022

Note: All deadlines are 11:59PM UTC-12:00 (“anywhere on Earth”).

Submission Requirements

Submissions should follow the NAACL-HLT 2022 style guidelines, which will be posted on the conference website. All papers consist of up to five (5) pages of content, plus unlimited references. References do not count against these limits. Supplementary materials are not allowed. Upon acceptance, papers will be given six (6) content pages in the proceedings. Authors are encouraged to use this additional page to address reviewer’s comments in their final versions.

We strongly recommend the use of the official ARR style templates. The paper templates are available as an Overleaf template and can also be downloaded directly (LaTeX and Word). All submissions must be in PDF format. Submissions that do not adhere to the above author guidelines or ACL policies will be rejected without review. Please follow the formatting documentation general to ACL conferences available here. The templates themselves contain only specific notes (e.g., LaTeX notes in the .tex file).

Submission is electronic, using the OpenReview conference management. The submission link will be available at

Travel and Grants

For students wishing to attend NAACL in person, we expect to have grants to offset some portion of the students’ conference registration, travel, and accommodation expenses. Further details will be posted here when available.

Website and Contact Information

For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter @naacl_srw. To contact the organizers of the workshop, please email us at