The main conference schedule is now complete. It attempts to balance many factors: oral and poster presentations are structured in a way that we hope will help maximize interaction for both in-person and online attendees, while trying to keep the workload for authors manageable and allowing for some interaction during normal waking hours in distant timezones.

In addition to the paper presentations, the program includes several plenary sessions, which we hope will provide thought-provoking perspectives that will enrich discussions during the conference and beyond. The industry track, demonstration tracks and student research workshop will offer dedicated sessions during the main conference days. The program also includes papers published by the Transaction of the ACL and Computational Linguistics journals. Furthermore, papers accepted for publication in the Findings of NAACL 2022 were also given the option to be presented as posters during the main conference.

Below we give more information to participants and presenters to address frequently asked questions. If you have further questions, please contact the program chairs.

For attendees

Attendees have multiple opportunities to learn from each paper presented at NAACL, whether they are presented orally or as a poster.

Oral sessions

  • Live-streamed oral sessions will feature both in-person presentations and remote ones. Both in-person and online attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions. Chairs are instructed to take questions in alternance from the in-person attendees and the remote attendees.
  • Asynchronous presentation on Underline: The oral sessions will be recorded, so that participants can watch them whenever they want. Some papers also come with a pre-recorded video. Participants will also be able to communicate with authors via the Underline platform before and after the live session by leaving a message in the chat for the relevant paper.

Poster presentations

  • Asynchronous presentation on Underline: All posters will have been posted to Underline along with a short video. The chat box lets everyone communicate with the author(s) before, during and after the conference. If you “come” by a poster in Underline, please post a note to the author(s) to let them know you have seen their poster! Authors are being notified when they receive chat messages. This will be especially appreciated by virtual presenters, who only have the Q&A session (see below) to interact with the audience.
  • Virtual Q&A poster sessions: As already announced, to foster discussion, we grouped several posters together for the virtual Q&A sessions. Each author will give a one-minute flash presentation to everyone, before people break to ask questions to presenters. We thank in-person poster presenters who will also participate in the Q&A sessions to give the opportunity to all attendees to ask live questions. If possible, visit the posters on Underline, prior to the Q&A sessions.
  • In-person poster sessions: In-person attendees will be able to walk around and discuss in-person posters. Online participants cannot participate in these sessions, but have the opportunity to interact with posters asynchronously and in virtual Q&As instead.

For presenters

All presenters should refer to the detailed presentation instructions from Underline. A few points to note:

In-person posters

Posters have to be in a portrait format. Poster boards are vertical: 4’ width x 8’ height.

In-person orals

You will be asked to upload your slides at the latest the night before your presentation (see Underline instructions for link). The day of your presentation, arrive 15 minutes prior to the session and make sure to introduce yourself to the chair of the session.

Virtual orals

Join the Zoom room that you will find on the schedule on Underline 15 minutes before the session start. The Underline staff will be there to greet you. You will present by sharing your screen and you will have a chance to answer questions. You are advised to present live. Your pre-recording will be used as a backup only. Please be respectful of the time!

Virtual Q&A poster sessions

To foster discussion, virtual poster sessions will be organized into Q&A sessions where posters are grouped along similar themes. More info soon!