It’s this time of the year! Ready to submit papers you hope to present at NAACL 2022? Go to ACL Rolling Review to do so. The Dec 15 deadline is open.

  • Make sure to use the ARR template (not a previous NAACL conference template). Failing to do so will entail a desk reject. See Paper Submission and Templates.
  • Note that you can either submit on Dec 15 or on Jan 15 for your paper to be considered to NAACL. If you submit on Dec 15, you cannot submit the same paper (nor a revised version) on Jan 15. That second version will get removed from the system.
  • Make sure to read the December changes to ARR, which includes, among other things, a new checklist for Responsible NLP Research, in hopes to improve the ethics review process as well as reproducibility.
  • Be mindful of the anonymity period.

Please consider reviewing for ARR if you are not already. And thank you if you are! To do so, fill out the Interest Reviewer Survey form. To ensure a smooth matching process between reviewers and papers, it is extremely important that you have a complete OpenReview profile! This includes a Semantic Scholar url, a DBLP one, and importantly that you import your papers from DBLP. Add keywords too. Thank you! Together we can improve the review process for our conferences!