Following the two step reviewing process described in the Call for Papers, submissions reviewed by the ACL Rolling Review can now be committed to NAACL 2022, for Senior Area Chairs and Program Chair to make acceptance decisions.

The NAACL 2022 Commitment site is open and accepting commitments until Sunday March 6 2022 11:59PM UTC-12 (Anywhere on Earth).

We would like to draw your attention to the following policies regarding commitment:

  • Commitment information cannot be modified after the commitment deadline. Make sure you provide the correct information for all fields, including the link to the ARR submission+reviews, and the author list.

  • Multiple submissions are not allowed. This means that you cannot commit your paper to NAACL and simultaneously resubmit it to ARR or to any other venue. In coordination with ACL Workshop Chairs, we make an exception for ACL 2022 workshops. Submissions can be committed to NAACL 2022 and submitted to ACL 2022 workshops at the same time, under the condition that papers accepted at NAACL 2022 must be presented at NAACL and withdrawn from archival publication at workshops.

  • Submissions should respect the anonymity period. Following policies of the Association for Computational Linguistics, NAACL requires submissions to be anonymized. A submission will not be considered anonymized if the authors post (or update) a non-anonymized preprint within an anonymity period lasting from 1 month before the submission deadline until the time of notification. Submissions will be rejected if not properly anonymized.

  • Do not commit special theme papers. Submissions to the NAACL special theme that are currently under review on the NAACL 2022 Open Review site are already under consideration by NAACL. The reviews for these papers will be released with the acceptance notification. Double submissions to the special theme and to the commitment site will both be rejected.