Update, Apr 22: Detailed instructions for the camera-ready version are available here.

The NAACL 2022 notifications have been emailed to all authors of each submission on April 7. Here are our answers to common questions from authors.

How were the decisions taken?

All main track conference ARR submissions subsequently committed to NAACL as well submissions to the special theme track were considered for publication at the main conference or in the Findings of NAACL. The decisions took into account the meta-review, the reviews, your paper, your comments to Senior Area Chairs (if any). The Senior Area Chairs and the Program Chairs did not solely take into account the scores, but they also looked carefully at the texts provided in the (meta)reviews. The Senior Area Chairs made recommendations to the Program Chairs, which the Program Chairs discussed, with an eye toward calibrating decisions across areas, and obtaining a balanced program.

What are Findings papers? Where will they be published and presented?

NAACL 2022 follows the ACL initiative started at EMNLP 2020 to allow for more high quality papers (short and long) to be accepted than can be accommodated in the conference itself. The “Findings of ACL: NAACL 2022” (or Findings for short) is an online companion publication for papers that are not accepted for publication in the main conference, but nonetheless have been assessed by the programme committee as solid work with sufficient substance, quality and novelty to warrant publication. Findings papers will have a dedicated section in the ACL anthology. Authors are not required to register for NAACL 2022 for their papers to appear in Findings.

We are considering mechanisms to help publicize Findings papers during the NAACL 2022 conference. Note that Findings papers can also be presented at workshops and other venues that allow presentations of papers published elsewhere.

Can I obtain the notification email through another email address than the one listed on OpenReview?

Notifications have been sent to the preferred email address listed on the OpenReview profile of each of the authors of a submission. We cannot accommodate requests to send notifications to other addresses. It is your responsibility to have a valid email listed on your profile as your preferred address.

How can I obtain a visa invitation letter?

Please see our attendance survey, which we ask authors of papers accepted at the conference to fill. You can request a visa invitation letter at https://www.yesevents.com/NAACL-Visa.

My paper has been accepted. Can I post it on arXiv?

Following ACL guidelines for preserving blind review, all submissions must respect an anonymity period, which runs from 1 month before the submission deadline up to the date when your paper is either accepted, rejected, or withdrawn. Now that decisions are out, the anonymity period for NAACL 2022 has ended, and you are free to post a non-anonymized pre-print online (e.g., on arXiv).

My paper has been accepted. How can I apply for reproducibility badges?

The Reproducibility Committee invites you to participate in the new reproducibility track, which is an initiative to incentivize authors of accepted papers at NAACL to improve the reproducibility of their work. The track offers three reproducibility badges:

  • (a) Open-Source Code Badge – for papers that submit a link to their code,
  • (b) Trained Model Badge – for papers that submit a link to download their trained model, and
  • (c) Reproducible Results Badge – for papers that provide a system (a Docker container) that can replicate a result published in the paper.

You can find more details on this track from their post and information about how to participate on the reproducibility website.

Applications for badges (a) and (b) will be through the camera-ready submission form (deadline by May 3).

If you are applying for the third badge “(c) Reproducible Results Badge”, please sign up here preferably by Tuesday April 12, 2022 and indicate whether you are interested in receiving Google Cloud Platform credits. This form will ask for your paper ID, paper title, and list of all authors (with all their affiliations). You may still apply for the Reproducible Results Badge if you do not sign up by this date.

If you have questions, please contact the reproducibility committee at naacl-2022-reproducibility-track@googlegroups.com

My paper has been accepted. What do I need to do for the camera-ready version?

Detailed instructions are available here. Camera-ready versions need to be submitted by May 3, 2022. You will have the opportunity to change authors on the camera-ready version form. Do not forget about accessibility: please check this blog post to ensure your PDF is broadly accessible.

I have not received any decision notification for my ARR paper.

Please make sure that you did follow the two-step process described in the CFP for main track conference submissions: after having received reviews and meta-review from ARR, you were expected to commit your submission to the NAACL 2022 OpenReview site. If you have did not fill in the commitment form, your submission was not considered for NAACL 2022.

I have further questions about my submission that are not answered on this FAQ nor on the camera-ready instructions.

You can contact the Program Chairs by email (naacl-2022-program-chairs@googlegroups.com). Make sure to indicate your paper ID as well as its title in any correspondence with us. Thank you!